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Trenchless Culvert Rehabilitation

Corrugated metal and concrete pipes are used to allow water sources to flow from
one side of a road to another. They are also used as piping systems that convey
freshwater between collection ponds and natural resources to outlets and pumping
stations. Located under roads and expressways, rear easements, and within
parkways, these aging structures create large disruptions in the form of cave-ins,
blockages, and sinkholes as they begin to collapse decay and collapse. Hoerr’s
expertise in rehabilitating these systems is safe and economical that provides a long￾lasting solution using trenchless methods..

Cured-In-Place Pipelining (CIPP) Options:
CIPP offers a proven trenchless repair of aging pipes with a minimum 50-year lifespan
at a fraction of the price of new pipe installation. A resin impregnated flexible tube is
inverted, inflated, and then cured in place using heat. The CIPP liner conforms to the
walls of the host pipe resulting in a smooth, seamless new pipe. The liner will
conform to the shape of existing pipes including: round, oval, elliptical, and is
recognized as a renewal technology accepted by many Departments of
Transportation as a viable solution to dig and replace. All work is performed to ASTM
F-1216 and NASSCO standards.

Spray-In-Place Pipelining (SIPP) Options:
SIPP offers a trenchless repair solution that is optimal for larger diameter and odd
shaped culverts. Using geopolymers, concretes, or epoxies, the renewal process is
performed via spincast or hand-sprayed application methods.

Why Trenchless Culvert

• Quick return to service.
• No disruption to traffic.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Small footprint.
• Cost Effective.

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