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The Line Stopping Process

Line stopping is the process of blocking flow through a segment of piping which
allows for the temporary shut-off and flow control, enabling pipe maintenance
including valve replacement and segment repairs. Whether you need flow control for
municipal or industrial purposes, the innovative “under pressure” method with a capacity of 4” to 12” diameters are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Long-Term Value
Insta-Valves provide a permanent, reusable point of control within a water
distribution system.

Eliminate the loss of treated water, mitigate the risk of contamination, and reduce
the time to resume normal supply.

Maintain the supply to fire and emergency services and improve on safety for
maintenance crews by avoiding flooded trenches and eliminating the need to use
dangerous chop saws.

Gain system control when and where you need it for site specific isolation, eliminating system-wide shutdowns.

The Solution is Hoerr
As part of our holistic approach to pipe rehabilitation, Hoerr Construction offers Line Stops and Insta-Valve installation services. Our highly experienced and certified
personnel combined with the right products provide quick return-to-service solutions
that meet today’s infrastructure needs.

Advantages of Line-Stops &
• Continuous service.
• No delays restoring
• No boil orders.
• No backflow.