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What Is Directional Boring?

Directional Boring is a low impact, trenchless method of installing underground
utilities such as water main, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and electrical conduits. The
process begins with drilling a small pilot hole during the initial stage in an arching
direction. The diameter is increased using a back reamer and finally a casing pipe is
pulled back to complete the installation. The two types of pipes that can be installed
are steel casings and HDPE.

Why Directional Bore?
In areas of limited access or those that have been already developed, Directional
Boring allows for the placement of utilities without environmental disruption and
eliminates the costs associated with open trenching. It provides an efficient method
for crossing obstacles such as creeks, highways, rail tracks or active runways.

For Growing Communities
As the needs of a thriving community increase, Directional Boring can be used to
install the utilities necessary to allow for growth: Sewer and storm lines, gas services,
water mains, and telecommunication / fiber optic conduits for underground Internet

The Solution is Hoerr
Hoerr Construction offers horizontal directional drilling services for all your projects.
As the first contractor in Central Illinois to perform directional boring beginning in 1989, we have over 33 years of experience using a variety of both innovative and
time-tested applications. Our fleet of drill rigs allows us to meet the requirements of
your project large or small. Additionally, we have performed pipe ramming and air moles to meet the requirements of many unique installations.

Directional Boring Benefits

• Environmentally friendly.
• Minimally invasive.
• Trenchless Technology.
• Quality controlled
installation process.
• Small site footprint.
• Lower cost than trenching.