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Conduit &

Sewer Clean & CCTV Operations Begin
First CIPP Liner Install
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Line Stops
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First Vac-A-Tee Install

 First Lateral Liner Install

4,000,000th Foot of CIPP Installed


Hoerr Construction History

Hoerr Construction president Max Hoerr II continues the family legacy begun in 1914 when his grandfather, Philipp J. Hoerr established P.J. Hoerr. Two generations later, Max began managing the underground division of P.J. Hoerr and introduced Central Illinois to its first directional bore rig.

On January 1 st , 1994, Max established Hoerr Construction, Inc. Starting with 12 employees, Hoerr Construction, Inc performed directional boring, conduit installation, manhole replacement, and water and sanitary sewer construction. Hoerr’s early customers included many municipalities and power companies including AT&T, Sprint, Caterpillar, Ameritech, QST. Alltel, McLeod, Gallatin River, and GTE.

Beginning in the early 2000’s Hoerr Construction began cleaning and televising sewers and industrial cleaning services. In 2005, the company began installing sanitary and storm sewer Cured-In-Place Pipelining (CIPP). After introducing Line Stops and Insta-Valves in 2011, Hoerr Construction began installing LMK Vac-A-Tees and CIPP Lateral Liners in 2012.

Over the next couple of years, Hoerr’s growth in underground rehabilitation services continued with the introduction of Testing and Sealing services using Chemical Grouting for both Mainlines and Laterals in 2016. In that same year, the company also began to offer Water Main Video Inspections. In 2017, Hoerr Construction celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Goodfield, IL. Complete with a 15-bay mechanics repair center, fully operational wet-out facility, storage buildings, training/technology center, and office building, the Goodfield headquarters was designed to allow Hoerr Construction to focus on providing excellence while setting standards and exceeding expectations in the underground construction and rehabilitation industry.

Coupled with our holistic approach to sewer rehabilitation and the desire to technologically advance the sewer industry, in 2022 Hoerr began offering UV-CIPP Lateral Lining services, while surpassing 4,000,000 linear feet of CIPP liner installation. As of January 2023, Hoerr Construction is the home to over 75 employees, and is looking forward to growing our service offerings for both New Installations and Trenchless Rehabilitation.