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Locate Buried Utilities

Utility potholing is the process of digging a test hole to determine the exact position
and depth of infrastructure and telecommunication lines to maintain their integrity
while working around them. Buried power lines, gas services, and water mains all
have the potential to injure workers and cause prolonged disruption to services if
they are ruptured. Potholing negates the risk of improper location. It can be used to
determine the horizontal position, depth, type of line, and external damage.

Using water and air
There are several methods of potholing. Using water jetting and vacuum excavation
(Hydro Excavation) combined is a safe and non-intrusive way to locate any buried
item. Instead of using mechanical tools, the process uses pressurized water to create
a dirt slurry cutting through soils easily while the air vacuum removes them, storing
the soils cleanly within its tank.


Eliminating the need for large excavations to locate utilities, excavations with water
and vacuum requires a small footprint and can be extended far from the vehicle. The
location can be confined to a minimum, reducing overall restoration costs, or
widened to suit areas housing multiple utilities.

Slot Trenching
The process of digging a narrow trench to install pipes, fiber optics, cables, and other
utilities can be difficult using conventional excavator methods. Hydro Excavation can dig thin, accurate trenches that require very little backfill or large areas of material.

The Solution is Hoerr
As part of our holistic approach to pipe rehabilitation, Hoerr Construction offers
Potholing and Hydro Excavation services. Our highly experienced and certified personnel combined with the right products provide quick return-to-service solutions that meet today’s infrastructure needs.

Applications for Potholing &
Hydro Excavation

• Trenching in developed
• Locating prior to excavation
or directional boring.
• Tree root protection.
• Exposing utilities alongside
building foundations.
• Digging sign or post holes in
challenging areas.