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Duct Banks Done Right

A Duct Bank is two or more conduits used as part of a system. Designed to protect,
group, and consolidate data and electrical cables to and from a building, the cables
are laid in PVC pipes or conduits that are bundled together and then protected by
either steel or reinforced concrete casings.

Long-Term Value
Once installed, Duct Banks allow for the easy installation of cables and communication lines between sources and destination points. Large banks of multiple conduits can be reserved for the extension of future technologies and updated service needs.

Maintain overhead clearances with no hanging cables. Duct Banks become part of the
buried infrastructure and eliminate hazards when weather strikes.

Manhole Construction 101
Access points are necessary to maintain underground infrastructure. They vary in
diameter and can be constructed of precast concrete, fiberglass, or steel casings.
Internal and external sealing wraps and rings can be installed to assure a watertight
structure. Chimney seals, composite rings, dishes, and lid plugs are options that also
prevent inflow and prevent damage from freeze-frost cycles.

The Solution is Hoerr
As part of our holistic approach to pipe rehabilitation, Hoerr Construction offers
Utility Duct Bank installation and Manhole Construction services. Whether it is
reconstruction, new installation, or system wide updating, our highly experienced
and certified personnel combined with the right products provide quick return-to￾service solutions that meet today’s infrastructure needs.

Advantages of Duct Banks:

• Protected Assets.
• Cables can be replaced by
repulling new ones.
• Larger Banks allow for future
service pulls without ground