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Cured-In-Place Pipelining (CIPP) Options:

Steam Cured CIPP offers a proven trenchless repair of aging laterals with a minimum
50-year lifespan at a fraction of the cost of dig and replace. A resin impregnated
flexible tube is inverted, inflated, and then cured in place using heat. The CIPP liner
conforms to the walls of the host pipe resulting in a smooth, seamless new pipe for
lengths up to 120’ from the mainline and 360-degrees of the mainline.

UV-Cured CIPP provides the same 360-degree and lateral benefits as steam cured
with a quicker return to service. For systems that only require lining up to 10 feet
from the mainline or budget conscious installations, this new installation method is a
perfect fit

Vac-A-Tee Installation:

A trenchless outside cleanout system that allows access to the lateral pipe for
cleaning, inspecting, and lateral lining. ASTM F2097 compliant, it can be installed on pipe diameters of 6” or less at depths up to 15 feet.

Lateral Grouting:
Laterals in good shape with bad joints can be sealed by installing chemical grout to
the exterior of the structure. This trenchless application can be applied to both the
mainline intersection as well as the lateral pipe from the mainline up to 30 feet or for
the full length of the lateral through a clean out.


The Benefits of Lateral Rehabilitation:

• Quick return to service.
• Environmentally friendly.
• No need to enter residences.
• Cost Effective.