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What is a Lateral Inspection?

Pipes connecting homes and commercial properties to sewer systems are called
lateral sewers. The process of inspecting a lateral pipe is performed by a specialized camera system that is integrated into a mainline CCTV inspection crawler. The camera is launched from the mainline / lateral connection and then navigated through the pipe for lengths up to 120 feet. The CCTV technician performs a full assessment of the pipe’s
existing condition using NASSCO’s LACP coding system. The results are a quick, trenchless, unobtrusive inspection of the laterals that will document the current existing conditions within the pipe.

Know Where Your Assets Are
Our lateral inspection systems are equipped with sondes that provide for the above
ground accurate location of sewer systems. Depths of pipes are determined and
recorded to within the inch diameter of the pipe. This information is critical when
performing directional drilling operations within the area assures protection against
cross-bores. Knowing where your assets are is the key to a successful construction
project and provides assurance of compliance when designing Water mains under
EPA-regulated sewer / water separation projects.

The Solution is Hoerr
As part of our holistic approach to pipe rehabilitation, Hoerr Construction offers
Lateral Inspection and Location services for all your projects. Our highly experienced and certified personnel combined with the right products provide quick return-to- service solutions that meet today’s infrastructure needs.

Reasons to Inspect and
Locate Laterals:

  • Preventing Cross-Bores
  • Pre/Post Construction Damage
  • Utility Location
  • Sewer Asset Management
  • Emergency Dig Locating
  • Clean-Out Installation
  • Prevent SSO’s