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Certified CCTV Inspections

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) sewer inspection is the process of using a camera to inspect the interior of pipes from sizes 4” and up. NASSCO PACP Certified technicians record observations made into a database for post inspection condition

Lateral CCTV Inspections
Specialized inspection cameras can be launched from the mainline lateral connection to inspect lateral pipes. Like the mainline inspection process, NASSCO certified technicians record observations into a LACP database for post inspection condition grading.

Locating Services
Our cameras are equipped with a sonde system that allow for the recording of the
location and depth of any observation above ground. When combined with a GIS
reading, lateral and mainline systems can be accurately mapped and saved for future

Multi-Sensor Inspections
The combination of LIDAR, Sonar, and Digital CCTV cameras, allows for a multi-sensor inspection of a sewer line that provides a 360-degree inspection, pipe profiling, and
underwater inspection data in pipes 18” and above. A full inspection report will
capture information on interior pipe sizes and debris levels and totals.

The Solution is Hoerr
Our holistic approach to sewer rehabilitation includes CCTV mainline and lateral
inspections. Regular maintenance can identify areas that need attention before there
is an emergency. When combined with the vast selection of trenchless services that are available through Hoerr, we are your one solution.

Why inspect sewer systems?
• Prior to construction to assure that the infrastructure below is not failing.
• Post construction to assure that your assets have not been damaged.
• To prevent Sanitary Sewer
Overflows (SSOs).
• To identify problems early, and allow for time to budget for repairs.

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