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Sewer Cleaning

Maintaining a collection system begins with cleaning. Settlement, debris, and
deleterious materials clog sanitary and storm pipes creating blockages and flow
stoppages that ultimately result in sewer overflows (SSOs). A progressive Operations
and Maintenance (O&M) program should include annual sewer cleaning to assure
that the systems hydraulic capacity is regulated at its full design.

Flushing Services
A high-pressure water hose and specialized nozzle is used to dislodge materials within
a pipeline. The pressure washing effect loosens debris allowing it to float
downstream via the natural flows within a sewer system. Each truck carries a
minimum 800 feet of hose allowing for long reaches from a single point of entry.
When performed on an annual basis, the need for heavier cleaning for debris removal
is eliminated.

Combination Cleaning

Fitted with a high-capacity vacuum and large debris tank, sewer combinations truckscan clean pipes and remove materials that can block a sewer line. These multi-
purpose vehicles allow for many situations where debris can accumulate including Catch Basins, Manholes, Wet Wells, and Lift Stations. By adding an extension hose,
reaches up to 100 feet from the vehicle can be achieved.

Root and Mineral Deposit Removal
Root intrusion in sewer lines occur when trees seek the natural nutrients in a
pipeline. Entering through open joints and holes in pipes, they continue to grow creating blockages and slowing down the natural flows. Mineral deposits on the interior of sewer lines are created by groundwater entering joints and holes and leaving behind the calcium and magnesium contained in these hard waters. Over time the hard deposits build up lowering sewer capacities. By using specialized nozzles in combination with sewer jetting equipment, these naturally-occurring problems can be removed.

The Solution is Hoerr.

Why Clean Sewer Systems?

  • To Remove Blockages
  • Maintain Capacity
  • To prevent Sanitary Sewer
    Overflows (SSOs)
  • Remove Roots and Mineral

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