Water Main Inspection Service

In 2017, Hoerr Construction began utilizing the JD7 Investigator, a pipeline asset assessment tool that operates in fully pressurized pipelines for water main inspection.  Access to the water main is via fire hydrant (dry or wet barrel), air relief valve, or hot tap. The Investigator can access pipe work 3” in diameter, and larger, offering full live-view recordings, and digital reporting. Applications of the JD7 Investigator include use in the following ways:

1) Use as Asset Assessment Tool for:

  • Valve Verification
  • Valve/Asset Locating
  • Low Flow Blockages
  • Pipe Condition
  • Line Locating
  • Pipe Material Identification

2) Use as Leak Detection Tool for:

  • Pinpoint Leaks
  • Remain in Service
  • Urban Areas

Information above provided by JD7 (Aquam). Click on link below for more info. http://jd7us.com/products/jd7-investigator.php

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