Directional Bore

Hoerr Construction offers horizontal directional drilling services for all your projects. We were the first contractor in Central Illinois to perform directional boring beginning in 1989. Our experience is second to none, using a variety of both innovative and time-tested applications to achieve our goal of minimally impacting the environment. We own several drill rigs, allowing us to meet the requirements of your project large or small. Our comprehensive directional bore service menu includes the following:

  • Gravity sewer bore on grade
  • Telecommunication and electric conduit or cable
  • Casing bores
  • Water mains and service lines
  • Remediation

These directional bore methods enable us to provide our clients with a precise, minimally invasive alternative to excavation. Additionally, we have performed pipe ramming and air moles to meet the requirements of many unique installations. Hoerr Construction offers safe, efficient, environmentally friendly trenchless technology for your utility, construction, or wastewater project.