Sewer Maintenance

At Hoerr Construction, we provide expert sewer maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your system and extend its lifespan. From cleaning to testing, we offer efficient, cost-effective solutions to maintaining your sewer system.

  • Sewer cleaning and jetting for debris removal and
    blockage clearing in sewer pipes

  • Root sawing and protruding tap removal for removal
    of tree roots and obstructions clogging your sewer system

  • Video inspection and defect reporting to identify blockages, root intrusion, leaks and other issues using state-of-the-art CCTV equipment. Our efficient data collection and reporting along with recommendations for remediating problems makes us the premier regional provider

  • PACP (Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program)
    certified operators ensure that we receive up-to-date training to comply with industry best practices. PACP software allows for seamless data sharing with municipalities using our video inspection and defect reporting service

  • Lateral inspection with mainline launch and locating
    allows us to inspect laterals with minimal
    invasiveness and maximum effectiveness

  • Smoke testing for fast and easy detection of inflow and
    storm water infiltration

  • Industrial cleaning encompassing a wide range of services
    such as water blasting and vacuum material removal for
    commercial and industrial environments

Hoerr Construction offers professional sewer maintenance for municipal, commercial or industrial settings. Let us help you avoid costly and disruptive problems by providing value driven inspection and maintenance solutions.